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Window Cornices, for sale at Bolliger Window Fashions & Interiors, Inc. in Portland, OR
Parkland™ Cornices with Parkland™ wood blinds

Enhance Your Windows with Cornices

Cornices add beauty and function to any room. Use them along with an under-treatment to hide hardware and room imperfections. Or use them alone to simply add style and character. Constructed from wood, cornices can be stained, painted and covered with fabric, giving you endless design possibilities and the ability to create the perfect finishing touch for your décor.

Custom Constructed

Cornices are unique in that every single aspect of these window treatments are custom designed and created to meet your needs. Cornices are crafted with a genuine hardwood frame. From there, their shape is completely up to you. If you prefer a large cornice or a narrow cornice, you can choose exactly the size you need for the best look on your windows. In addition to the size, cornices can be custom crafted in their shapes as well. Whether you choose a modern feel, with straight lines, a romantic feel with scalloped edges, or a rounded edge for drama, cornices will add a distinct pop of style to your windows and overall décor.

Color Choice

After choosing the exact size and shape that is perfect for your décor, fabric and color choice is essential for the perfect window treatment. Because you have such a wide range of color and fabric choices available to you, it is important to choose the perfect color or fabric to incorporate with your décor. If you want a classic and timeless feel for your windows, stained wood and painted cornices are a simple and understated style option. If you want to add even more to the appeal of your cornices, fabric is another great option. For a neutral palette, fabrics that stay in your color scheme with unique textures and subtle patterns are a great addition that will add depth and contrast in your room without being too overwhelming. If you prefer a bright palette and want the focus on your windows, choose fabric or paint colors that are bold for an instant eye-catching statement.

Decorative Additions

In addition to color and fabric choices, you can add decorative additions to tour cornices for a window treatment that is completely unique to your home. Add draped fabric for instant drama and elegance on your windows. Tassels, fringe, studs, and tufting are also interesting ways to add more style to your fabric cornices.

Make your windows completely unique and exactly what you had in mind for your décor with the addition of cornices. Bolliger Window Fashions & Interiors, Inc. has a variety of cornice choices available and can help you transform your windows. If you have more questions about which styles and design options will work best for your cornices in your home, contact Bolliger Window Fashions & Interiors in Portland, Oregon to speak with one of our experienced design professionals today!

Fabric Cornices, for sale at Bolliger Window Fashions & Interiors, Inc. in Portland, OR Wood Cornices, for sale at Bolliger Window Fashions & Interiors, Inc. in Portland, OR
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