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Custom Bedding, for sale at Bolliger Window Fashions & Interior in Portland, OR

Turn Ordinary Into Extraordinary with Custom Bedding

  The average person spends up to 33% of their life sleeping, so shouldn’t your bedding be one of the biggest priorities in your home design? For the perfect bedding, taking into account both comfort and style, custom bedding is the best option to meet all your needs. Bolliger Window Fashions & Interior creates beautiful custom bedding and linens, including comforter sets, duvet covers, bed sheets, shams, bed skirts, throw pillows, bedcovers, quilts and coverlets.

Custom Bed Linens, for sale at Bolliger Window Fashions & Interior in Portland, OR

Bedspreads and coverlets are designed to cover the entire bed and hang down to the floor. Because this bedding choice makes such a big statement in your bedroom, custom bedspreads have become more and more popular in modern home design. Custom bedspreads are expertly sized to fit your bed’s dimensions, come in a variety of bedding styles, and are available with thousands of fabric choices so you can create the perfect bedspread for your decor. While off the shelf bedding is available in a wide range of styles, custom bedspreads surpass the options that major retailers present to you and truly give you the ability to craft a bedspread that meets all your needs. Your fabric choice will allow you to choose not only a bedspread that is aesthetically pleasing, but also a bedspread that meets all your standards for comfort.

Comforters and duvets are less structured than bedspreads and coverlets. Traditionally used more in European designs, these bedding options are hugely popular in American bedroom designs because of their comfort levels and ease of use. While they can be paired with a quilt of coverlet for more style, comforters and duvets are designed to be used alone and still offer exactly what you need. Because comforters and duvets can be used as a standalone option, the fabric and color choice is even more important towards the overall style of your bedroom. Custom duvets and comforters allow you to choose the perfect fabrics and weights of all your bedding, making for the perfect addition to any bed.

Lastly, no bedroom or bed is complete without pillow shams, sheets, bed skirts, and throw pillows. Just as the above custom bedding is crafter precisely to fit all your needs, these bedding options are made in the same way. Make your bed the design focal point of your room with an array of uniquely designed pillow shams, throw pillows, and bed skirts. Custom sheets are also a great option for comfort. While off the shelf sheet sets come in one or two standard sizes, custom sheets are crafted specifically for your bed so you never worry about choosing the incorrect size or color. 

Custom Duvet Covers, for sale at Bolliger Window Fashions & Interior in Portland, OR

Let our experienced staff help you design and create the perfect bedding to match your room's decor and window coverings.

Please contact us to get started with your project.
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